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Skyfall does not disappoint overall. The classic Bond cocktail…the opening chase, the titles with an awesome track, unbelievable actions sequences, the setbacks of the spy, ‘shaken but not stirred’ martinis, the supremacy of the villain, and exotic Asian or Middle East locations. Yes, its all there. But the 50th year of Bond films sees a grand transition in the making. The Bond franchise has taken obvious efforts to transcend into the contemporary action thrillers by boldly dropping what we have been trained to expect…Q declares exploding pen is antiquated and is more a cyber-savvy nerd, less stress on the famed sexual inclination of Bond by dropping the sensual climax, the Russian kill, and the like. Its a welcome transition indeed.

The movie is watchable for various reasons…the unexpected twists, jaw-dropping action scenes, the humane side of Bond and M, the melodramatic villain, personal vendetta, and lots of sarcasm. Do not miss scenes such as Bond’s entry into the train carriage thorough a earth mover, hitch-hiking on to the elevator, the swift jump to the metro train, the interplay of lights when Patrice plans an assassination and later fights Bond. The cast is fantastic. Daniel Craig is rustic, raw, and performs with panache; Judi Dench is at her best in her last appearance as M; Ralph Fiennes is  as smooth as ever…and of course Javier Bardem, who is so talented that he walks with ease. The BG score is racy, though over indulgent at times. Cinematography, Video Editing, and Sound mixing are exemplary.

On the downside, the movie is lengthy, and suffers repetitions from previous Bond movies. Further, the climax is very disappointing and not befitting the Bond style. The overdramatic portrayal of the villain is boring beyond a point. Interestingly, I could not miss the desi touch in this British movie… The villain’s portrayal, the emotional vendetta,  the crying Bond, and the resurrection of the spy… makes me think Hollywood is watching lots of Indian movies. The drowning of Bond reminded the opening shot in ‘Kaakha Kaakha’. A romantic angle and a masala dance sequence in an exotic location would have made it truly Indian.

Overall, the movie is recommended for immediate viewing for its original screenplay, humane touch, and racy twists. Book your tickets and make sure you have your pals alongside to whistle a ‘desi’ Bond movie, that predicts a completely newer version in the future.

And a trivia… How is that either Bond or Transporter end up sporting a neat tucking in and a spotless Tuxedo even after exhilarating actions sequences???


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